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  • Zhejiang Xing gang was established in 2008, by the Ningbo Port Co and Ningbo COSCO Logistics Co., Ltd. jointly funded the formation of a registered capital of 600 yuan. Headquartered in Shaoxing, while the establishment of a branch in Ningbo, to carry out international freight forwarding business. 2009 at the beginning of the establishment of the Jiaxing branch, mainly in Zhapu Port of departure of international container intermodal service.
  • In 2010 the establishment of the Wenzhou branch, mainly in Wenzhou port international container transportation business.
  • June 2010, according to the overall needs of strategic adjustment and the development of the company’s business, the company moved to the headquarters of the company headquarters in Ningbo. August 1st in the office area of 800 square meters. The company currently employs more than 110 employees, all with technical secondary school or above. Among them, 2 of the graduate students, college degree or above, more than 86% employees, more than 50% employees have more than 3 years of experience. After more than two years of accumulation, to cultivate a more high-quality, younger, professional business team.
  • Company since its inception, in both shareholders concern, in the board of directors under the correct leadership, monthly performance of steady growth, in just two years time, monthly container volume from the first month 167 TEUs started, has now reached average monthly over 20000 TEUs, the highest monthly reached 22000 TEUs.
  • In October 2010, has the world’s top 30 shipping companies direct booking right.
  • September 2010, by the China Federation of logistics and procurement as the "3A" class logistics enterprises.
  • Enterprise positioning
  • According to the development strategy of the company, Zhejiang Xing Hong business location: provide high quality booking platform and integrated logistics service freight forwarding companies, Zhejiang and hinterland, and try its best to build port of Ningbo public booking service platform.
  • Main business
  • To Hangzhou Shao Shao area as the focus, and vigorously expand the port hinterland, to create an important part of the port logistics chain. The development of Jiaxing branch, to carry out international container transportation business of Zhapu port. In South of Jiangsu area, provide Lanhuo, booking, tow card, sign the all in one service. In Taizhou, Wenzhou ship freight forwarding to build a public service platform to provide logistics services.
  • Company performance
  • 2010 annual booking amount of 115300 TEU, achieved sales revenue of 6 yuan.
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